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The rise of energy bills over the last 10 years

The rise of energy bills has caused an incredible strain on thousands of Australian households. Enormous rate increases by energy retailers have resulted in thousands of households facing power disconnections because of unpaid bills. Over two million Australian households have found the solution.

Renewable Energy

Australians care about the environment, including sourcing eco / ethically conscious products and trying to have a positive impact on the environment daily. We care about local conditions and our own impact on it. Sustainability is key. However, with increasingly busy lifestyles and rising costs of everything, it’s hard to always make the right decision […]

Solar Battery Storage, it makes sense in 2018

We are lovers of the sun in Australia, and around 15 per cent of Australian households are embracing it with solar power. This makes us one of the world’s biggest users of solar energy in the home, high-five! With the summer months comes longer days. This brings more sunlight. And you know what that means? […]

Swimming pools and Energy usage

Australia – the sunburnt country. And we love a backyard swimming pool. In 2015, 12% of the nation’s population live in a household with a swimming pool. With many advantages, it can become the pride and joy of your home. Relaxed afternoon, busy BBQ’s, a quick dip after a hot day at work – a […]

Solar power your Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing in Christmas cheers. Nothing brings a smile to someone’s face, of all ages, like a spectacular lighting display. But that smile can also be taken away when the display brings with it an exorbitant electricity bill. To keep your lights shinning bright this Christmas it is important […]

Summer with Solar

Summer in Australia normally means higher electricity bills. The kids are on school holidays, people are constantly dropping over, we are hosting celebrations and more appliances are running – like the cooler, for many Australian’s, a pool pump, the extra fridge has been turned on for drinks and BBQ meat and the Christmas light display […]

Get to know energy and how you use it

Solar is not a light-hearted investment, and you want to know you’re getting the most out of your system. There are some small household behaviour changes that can go a long way in saving with solar. So lets get to know energy. Here are a few tips to reduce your energy usage and get your […]