Is Solar Viable for Young Families?

Starting a family and owning your own property all form part of the great Australian dream. Especially for young couples beginning their family journey, operating costs of the house can really alter quality of life, solar installations control your spend on energy because you are using less energy from the grid. Here’s how solar is a viable investment for young families. 

Other costs associated with new homes

Signing the property deed and home loan are just part of the process to owning your own property, then come the mortgage repayments and maintenance costs. Key to taking control of your expenditure during these first few years of owning your home is to maintain utility and running costs of the house; minimising extra costs where you can.

Solar PV systems allow you to generate energy for the home to use, sending excess energy to grid (and being paid for this energy) or storing in a battery to use in the evening when the sun goes down. Installing solar, like any other household improvement requires an upfront outlay (or can be installed on finance), and in recent years due to the increased uptake of rooftop solar, the cost for installing systems has dramatically reduced.

Several states around Australia have implemented rebate or subsidy programs, to make rooftop solar as accessible to Australian homeowners as possible. As such, many systems can pay itself off in just a matter of years, and once you have achieved your full return on investment, your system will continue generating free energy for your home to use throughout its useful time.

Solar Rebates

As the family grows, so too can the battery capacity

We’re now more connected than ever and have a higher dependency on electrical items in the home. When families grow, so too does the energy demands. When you have a solar battery system, you don’t need to start off with the largest capacity battery on the market and almost never see a return on your investment. Modular battery systems allow you to begin your solar storage journey based on the amount of energy that you currently use, if your energy demands increase, so too can your battery capacity.

By building your battery to suit your energy demands, you can use more of your solar energy and your battery investment. It doesn’t make sense to consistently not use 75 per cent of your battery, simply because your household doesn’t have enough solar to charge the battery or the solar is being thoroughly used during the day. Build your solar battery to suit your family, as your family grows, so too can the capacity of your battery.

The Goanna Solar Battery does exactly that, the modular feature allows you to build you battery to your needs, ensuring you’re getting the most value out of your solar battery investment. 

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Goanna expansion modules

Young children and energy

For most families, the children stay at home during the day with a parent or guardian to take care of them. This means that when you start a family, energy demands may shift, households that may have hardly ever used energy during the day have suddenly switched energy routine.

When you have occupants at home during the day, whether it be a work from home setting, or taking care of young children, it makes sense to generate your own free energy and use this during the day. By doing so, you’re essentially eliminating energy charges that you may have otherwise incurred as a result of using regular appliances.

Solar is a viable investment for young families. Maintaining energy charges for the household helps to allow spend on more important things like holidays or leisure.