Summer of Solar

Longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures mean that not only will the sun be more prevalent but will shine for a longer period of the day – perfect for your solar. Welcome to the summer of solar. 

How does solar help save on energy costs?

By generating your own solar energy, instead of importing all your energy from the grid, you are self-powering yourself with the sun! During the day when the sun is shining, and your solar panels are generating clean, solar energy, you are not charged to use this energy. Whereas if you imported all your household energy from the grid, you are charged by your energy retailer.

How does solar work? 

Sitting on top of your roof, when the sun’s rays hit the panels, Direct Current (DC) energy is created which is then transmitted through conduit to a central inverter. When it gets to the inverter, the DC energy is converted to Alternating Current (AC) energy which can then be used in the home. If you are not using energy while your solar is generating energy, this excess energy will be sent into the grid and power other households and you will be paid for this energy in the form of feed-in credits. These feed-in credits will appear on your quarterly energy bills. When you have a solar battery, instead of being sent straight to the grid, your energy is stored in a battery. Once the solar system finishes producing energy for the day, the energy stored in your battery will kick in and power the home.



Do I need to worry about blackouts with solar?

When you have a solar battery fitted with blackout protection, you can be worry-free when your neighbours are in a grid outage or blackout. When the grid goes down, your battery will fill the void and power your home and essential loads. It’s never a good time when the grid goes down, especially in summer when temperatures are at their peak and all you want to do is keep cool. When you have a battery fitted with blackout protection, you can keep cool and get on with your day when the grid is down.

households can achieve a full return on investment in just a matter of years!

Will I ever achieve a return on investment for installing solar?

Achieving a return on your investment is essential for any household addition that you install that promises to save you money on running costs. The growing affordability of residential solar means that many households can achieve a full return on investment in just a matter of years! Higher prices on energy mean that you are better off using as much of your generated solar as possible. Even after your have achieved a full return on your investment, your system will continue to save you money with the energy it generates and the feed-in credits it generates for you.

What is involved when making the solar switch?

As it is very common to install solar, the process and entire installation is very straight forward, and you can have your solar system installed in just a matter of weeks! To begin the process, all you need is:

  • Your energy bill

Your energy bill is full of very useful and essential information to ensure that the solar system that is installed at your property fits your energy usage profile to give you the very best return on your investment. Then we do all the rest.

Do I need to change energy providers?

No, your energy retailer should be able to accommodate your solar installation in your plan. Sometimes it is a good idea to shop around to see if you can get a higher feed-in tariff for your solar energy but, generally all retailers provide the State Government mandated tariffs. The charge for you importing energy may change slightly from the grid and it is important to give them the heads up before we install your system. This will help to work out if you need to upgrade your meter or have it reconfigured to accommodate for your solar system.

solar is doing all the hard work for you.

What do I do after it’s installed?

Sit back and relax – the solar is doing all the hard work for you. After your system has been installed you don’t need to touch a thing – it is important to note that your solar system has been installed by a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer, so it is advised for you to not modify any wiring that has been completed and only let an Accredited Installer modify or touch the system.

solar system still produces energy on overcast days and during winter.

Does solar only work in summer?

An age-old solar myth that solar only works in summer which is incorrect. Of course, you need the sun to generate solar energy, but your solar system still produces energy on overcast days and during winter. 

Welcome to the Summer of Solar in 2019!