Understanding The Best Solar Battery For Your Needs

Key to harnessing as much solar generated power for your household is installing a solar battery storage solution – why live at the mercy of the grid when you can keep the solar you generate for yourself? With so many various brands, capacities, capabilities and designs on the market it can become a little overwhelming to choose the solar battery best suited to your household’s needs.

There are a few deciding factors when considering which solar battery would best suit your home, let’s take you through them and help you choose the best solution for your individual needs.

Household Usage – Size of your system and amount of energy exported to the grid

The size of your solar system will determine how much energy you can produce daily given the amount of daylight hours in your area – some states in Australia have a longer rate of daylight hours compared to others. If you have a smaller system and use your solar during the day then you’re going to be more suited to a modular, expandable battery solution or if you have a large system and don’t use your solar during the day you’ll be more suited to a large capacity battery to store more energy.

By identifying how much energy your solar system is exporting to the grid, we will have a great indication of how much energy your home can store in a battery daily. This will help to narrow down a more suitable solar battery to fit your household’s needs. If you’re exporting a high amount of energy to the grid, you can store all that energy in a large capacity battery where if you’re not exporting a high amount or if it varies day-to-day you could store that in a modular battery solution.

you’re using “free” energy that your rooftop has produced and not paying for it from your energy retailer for a rising higher price

Household Usage – When your home is using electricity

The beauty of solar is if you’re using electrical appliances throughout the day while your solar is generating power – you’re using “free” energy that your rooftop has produced and not paying for it from your energy retailer for a rising higher price.

Most households however, use more power in the evening; when everyone has come home from work/school, and prepare dinner, watch the news, do the laundry or relax with their tablet and stream TV. If your household use more electricity after the sun has set, then a solar battery will more likely fit your situation as it will reduce your reliance on importing electricity from the grid and will more likely be used in the evening by the family.

Solar Panels – Do you have solar?

Unbeknown to some, solar batteries do not just require solar panel systems to store electricity, you can install a solar battery to store energy from the grid at cheaper rates and use that energy stored during peak time rates. If you don’t have a solar system this is a great way to avoid high peak rate prices from your energy retailer and enjoy the same energy stored in your battery at cheaper rates. With so many different solar batteries available to you it is important that you choose the best suited product for your individual needs. With the growing uncertainty of the grid and its ability to supply power to the overwhelming demand, never has it been a better time to install a solar battery solution for your home that can power from the grid, click here to learn more.

Do you experience blackouts at all?

South-eastern Australia, particularly South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria are known for the number of blackouts and the affect blackouts have on homes and businesses. If you experience blackouts and they do affect your lifestyle or work, then it is better to be proactive than reactive and not deal with the stress afterwards. Solar batteries fitted with blackout protection will give you peace of mind knowing that during a blackout your home or business won’t be affected, and you can still go about your normal routine with minimal disruption. To learn more about blackout protection click here.

Large capacity storage solutions

Modular storage solutions

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