How to reduce your energy use in 2020


With more Australian’s around the home at the moment, chances are your household is using far more electricity during the day than it normally would. This will result in some higher than average electricity bills for most households at a time you’d like as much money in your back pocket as possible. There are plenty of things you can do to help keep your energy bills down, so here are a few simply tips to help you save money on electricity.

Reduce energy used in the kitchen

A household’s fridge runs 24 hours a day and is one of the most expensive appliances to run. You should ensure that your fridge is sealing properly so that no cool air is escaping and causing it to use more electricity to keep it cool. Optimum temperatures for your fridge are 4 or 5 degrees and minus 15 to minus 18 for the freezer.

The dishwasher also uses a large amount of electricity to run each cycle. You should try to ensure you use the economy cycle and only run it when it’s full.

Managing your heating and cooling

Throughout winter heating can account for over 30% of your bill and every degree above 20 degrees Celsius can add 10% to your heating bill. Throughout winter you should set your heating between 18 and 20 degrees to reduce your energy usage. Some systems also allow you to turn off the heating to rooms which are unoccupied to make its use more efficient. Also try to keep curtains and blinds closed to retain heat more effectively and block drafts.

Use energy-saving globes

By using energy saving LED globes around the home you could save up to 80% off your lighting costs*. Not only do they use less power than traditional lights globes they will also last longer meaning you’ll spend less money and less time replacing them.

Produce your own free electricity with solar

By installing solar, your household can become more energy independent and produce its own electricity during the day to minimise electricity drawn from the grid and receive a payment for excess produced, resulting in a lower bill. To get even more out of their solar, households can add solar storage to store excess electricity, this can be used at night meaning you can use your own generated electricity day and night.

To learn more about a solar solution to help you become more energy independent call Sunbank Solar on 1300 28 29 30.